4 Primary Places of Interest in Bangalore Now

Bangalore which is presently called Bengaluru, happens to be the capital of the state of Karnataka in southern India. This city has received several names, some of which are Pub Capital of India, Silicon Valley of India, City of Gardens and Air Conditioned City. Prior to the IT revolutions, this city was known as Pensioners’ Paradise. Currently, it’s a delightful mixture of present and the past. Though Bangalore may not show as many star attractions as the other main cities in India, the city has a great mixture of architecture, history, spirituality, culture and nature. All these are the chief tourist attractions to see in the city Bangalore. While you stay at the Service Apartments Bangalore you can find ample options to discover the place and come up with the perfect exploring more.

Palace of Bangalore

Constructed in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, this Palace was inspired by the Windsor Castle, which is in England. The evocative palace happens to have the Tudor style of architecture, with the fortified towers, green lawn, the arches and the elegant wood carving in the interiors.

National Gallery of Modern Art

If you are one art lover, then do not miss the visit to National Gallery of Modern Art which is on Palace Road. The gallery that was opened in the year 2009, happens to be the 3rd in India. It is located in one colonial mansion by the side of a garden, and has 2 wings interconnected.

Palace and Fort of Sultán Tipu

Located in the Fort area of Bangalore, the palace of Sultan Tipu was built originally by the Chikkadeva Raya in the mud. After that, Hyder Ali began rebuilding in Indo-Islamic construction.

Market of Krishna Rajendra (KR)

This local, vivid and traditional market is an attack on the finer senses and a pleasure for photographers. In between is the busy flower market of Bangalore. Go early in the morning to better experience hues and troops, when you download and sell loads of fresh material. The market also sells a variety of fresh products, spices and copper items.