Bangalore Brimming With Bright Options for a Stay

Bengaluru is a dynamic city, there is always traffic from morning until late at night. In other words, crossing the city takes time. To have crossed the city at different times of the day by car, count 45-60 min to make 10km.

To move comfortably: the sky train. Yes, it works partially (north and west of the central train station). The construction is much behind schedule, but when it is finished, it will be a real plus to escape the traffic jams.

KR Market Bangalor

This typical Indian market is an explosion of smell and color! It is on 3 floors and its basement is dedicated to the sale of flowers; if you spend the morning in the morning watch out for the crowd because it is the moment of the purse and the purchases of these.

The third is equally fascinating because it specializes in tooling and has all the pieces of machinery unimaginable, a real machine to go back in time. All around this market is multiplied the sellers of fruits, vegetables and spices. After visiting this market you will be sure to know India better.

Cubbon Park or Sri Chamarajendra of Bangalore:

This park is the lung of the city, walking around it is clearly reconnecting with nature. The more you sink, the more the sound the horns disappears to leave room for calm and calm. Left in the natural state, you will fall face to face with centenary and majestic trees. Do not miss in the heart of the park, the impressive bamboo forest.

Lalbagh Park Bangalore:

Rather English-style Indian-style garden. It is very different with its charm and its botanical garden is a reference in Bangalore.

Why stay in Bangalore in one of these two neighborhoods?

Well to exit Indiranagar and Koramangala are the 2 main spots with MG road in the center. Koramangala is considered the former Indiranagar so it may be a bit quieter than Indiranagar but already there is plenty to do. You can find several Service Apartments Bangalore as well.

You can live in Casa de Bangaluru which is located in the district of Koramangala, here you can do everything on foot, eat, drink, shopping, park… It is also one of more calm and lively at the same time.

Indiranagar is still better located, so I will still have a slight preference for this one. And then you are closer to the airport and MG Road.

Where to go out or eat in UB city

Toscano and black coffee: These 2 places are held by 2 French brothers who fell in love with India a long time ago. Nostalgic of France go eat a good croissant with a “real coffee” at the black coffee. If you miss beef, you can order beautiful pieces at Toscano.

Skyye: Located on the 16th floor of the main building at UB City, this trendy bar is worth a visit for its exceptional views. Near to Service Apartments Bangalore. The prices are high but it will delight the night owls and get a drink in the middle of the golden Indian youth is worth the detour.