Best place to visit this summer, Bangalore, the City of lakes

Within a few days, summer vacation will start in India and almost everyone will look for the holidays which not only give the kind of refreshment they need but an escape from all kinds of stress they have been facing in their lives. So, one of the greatest destinations which must be visited during summer vacation is Bangalore. The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is an IT hub and known as the city of lakes. Apart from that you can also some of the great hill sites are totally enchanting, such area is just a few hours away from the main city. There are so many things you can do while in the city, to your convenience here is a list which you must do:


  1. The Ulsoor Lake:

As mentioned, one of the names this city has is the city of lakes; hence visiting lakes is surely a must. The Ulsoor lake is one of the best locations to visit when in Bangalore, this particular lake is the biggest lake amongst all, marked by several islands and beautiful temples, one of which is the Halasuru Someshwara Temple, you can also enjoy cruises and swimming near the lake which is open 6 pm.


  1. Wonder La:

Wonder La is one of the famous waterparks in Bangalore, be it a child or an older person everyone can enjoy in their way at wonder la. Visiting Wonder la is a must this summers when in Bangalore, the international safety standards of the ride and the hygiene standards makes it a safer place to visit. Also, there are 7 multi-cuisine eateries inside the water park which means no need to worry about being hungry too.

Fun rides at Wonder La

  1. Famous Gateways:

If you are in Bangalore for more days, you go for famous gateways which are just a few km away from the main city, places like Nandi hills, Horsley Hills, Chikmagalur, Kemmangundi are some of the famous places where you can take a break from your city life and if you want you can come back in one day only. The sunset from Nandi hills simply amazing, which totally can’t be explained in words?

The enchanting view of Nandi Hills

  1. Ice-cream hopping:

One of the greatest things which can be enjoyed in summers is the Ice-cream, there are a lot of ice-cream cafes where you can get to enjoy different flavours of ice-cream and if you are unknown to the culture of ice-cream parlour you are going to love it. One of the best things to do for beating the heat is ice-cream hopping.


  1. Explicit Food:

Bangalore has a mix of a lot of cultures since there are people of different cultures situated in Bangalore, hence you can get every kind of food you want to have. If you like fine dining, the lanterns, Windmills and Punjabi by Nature are few of the options you can go with people you want to go, you can also find many local food joints that not only give cheap cost food but are tasty as well.

Bangalore is one of the beautiful and feasible places in India where you can visit any season of the year, here you can find things of any budget. For staying safe and relax you can choose the service apartments which are not the only budget-friendly but also very comfortable. Hence, this holiday spends some time in Bangalore for having a great experience.