Check out Bangalore from a vacation oriented eyes, you will love this place.

Every place has it own speciality which has different stories and its significance behind it, be it the food or the name of the place or any famous monument of a certain place. Similarly, when we talk about Bangalore, a very famous term is used by locals which is “Namma Bangalore” means Our Bangalore since people are very much proud of their culture and love to flaunt it before other people. There are many things which are the best things to see in your life, let’s get into the details:


  1. The Ancient Temples:

The Chokkanathaswamy Temple and the Isckon Temple are few of the temples which are a must visit, the Chokkanathaswamy is of the 10th century has ten incarnations of depicting the ten avatars of the Lord Vishnu, the Isckon temple is one of the biggest temples of Lord Vishnu run by Akshay Patra foundation which feed food to needy, also the evening aarti is surely enchanting.


  1. Superb Mornings at St. Mark’s Road:

It’s been said a few things can be only be enjoyed if you wake up little early, few things can be only be enjoyed in mornings are the breakfast plus it is an important meal of the day. Hence, do not waste the opportunity even on holidays, get up in the morning and go to St. Mark Road and Church Street for super filling and tasty south Indian breakfast options. You can also get other options, but since Bangaloreans love south Indian food so why not try at least.


  1. The age-old parks:

Bangalore is not just famous for its food but also there are different parks where you can go and relax, the famous Cubbon Park, children’s favourite Butterfly park or the 300-year-old Lal Bagh are some of the great places where you can visit with your children, the other half or you can even go alone to have some me time. Each place has its own speciality and has a lot to give you amazing holidays. You can enjoy different street foods present outside the parks because of course after taking a long walk you sure would be hungry.


  1. The gaming spirit:

The Bangalorian people love having fun through various activities in which one of those activities is Gaming, you can find a lot of gaming centres in Bangalore where you can enjoy a lot of gaming activities such as paintballing, rock climbing, air hockey, zorbing and other different activities at Play arena on Sarjapur Road. Unleash the sportsperson inside you and let them have superb fun and exciting holiday.


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