One Bedroom Service Apartments HSR Layout Bangalore

What are the advantages of choosing service apartments over high-priced hotels?

For the customers who want to have a home like environment should go for service apartments in place of budget hotels. Most of the corporate travellers choose service apartments Bangalore for up to 2 years. Service apartments allow them to focus on their career without worrying about their daily activities. It reduces all the troubles of arranging some of the services like cable services, Wi-Fi, housekeeping and other services. The cost of a service apartment is cheaper than the rented flats. There are certain advantages of booking service apartments.


Benefits of choosing service apartments over budget hotels:

The service apartments near Bellandur have several advantages over budget hotels. They are as follows:

  • Cost per head is low

The costs of service apartments are cheaper than the high priced hotels. The cost per head of these apartments is 50-60 percent less than the typical hotel rooms and it accommodates 4 to 6 adults per apartment which is just 2 in case of hotel rooms.

  • More flexible than hotel rooms

Service apartments Bangalore are more flexible because of availability of the services like hassle free check in, easy cancellation, parking facilities, free Wi-Fi and the other services.

  • More space and accommodation

You can experience more space and accommodation than the normal hotel rooms. You can get 50-70% extra space and at the same price as a budget hotel.

  • Trained staff

The staffs working in the service apartments near Bellandur are professional and knowledgeable. These apartments also provide employment opportunities to work in different departments.

  • 24×7 power backup

You will find that service apartments provide 24×7 power supply making use of the diesel generators. The power supply is always provided in the budget hotels but the prices are high in case of these hotels.