Koramangala and Shopping: More Than What You Can Think Of

Koramangala in Bangalore is each shopper’s heaven. Extravagant shops line either side of the complicated network of rear ways and roads in this piece of the metropolis. Koramangala is the ideal spot to enjoy window shopping since the vast majority of the shops have tremendous glass windows showing their best merchandise. Obviously, this implies you will surrender the temptation to claim it a bigger number of times than you can tally. Service apartments in Koramangala are where you can stay at. Read more

Manish Verma (Singapore)

“This was my second visit at Olive after staying in their Gurgaon property last month and it was even better. The apartment was very big with its own living room and kitchen, maybe even too big for me 🙂 But I really enjoyed their hospitality and look forward to future visits.”