A paradise for solo travellers especially if you are girl, Bangalore

Travelling is surely a fun thing but it is also one of the experiences you gain to have life lessons, the things you see while going to different places or the situations you get to see while travelling is sometimes a life awakening experience. The best way to experience life while travelling is going on a solo trip once in a while. Yes, you may think or the people around you may think that solo travelling is not safe, how you would handle the situations being alone, what if there comes any emergency where you will need someone or doing things alone is not possible? Well, not to worry becomes some cities are very much safe for travelling especially for females and one of those cities is Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state which is a perfect mix of culture and technology makes it a perfect place to visit even alone. Some of the things that you must do while in Bangalore are listed below:


  1. Travelling is easy in Bangalore:

In a new place travelling from one place to another is a task since you do not know the place exactly but with the help of Maps and various ways of transport such as autos, buses and even cabs. You can get different ways of communication depending on your budget.


  1. Various hangout places:

Bangalore has a very culture and one of the cultures which need to be mentioned here is the cafe culture. You can get a lot of hangout places nearby where you can just go for coffee or some light snacks and spend some quality me time with yourself as we all know how amazing it is to have some me time.


  1. Gear up foodies since you are getting a lot of options:

When it comes to food, the Bangaloreans love to eat and they have a lot of varieties in their food plus you can get both healthy and filling options when it comes to lunch or dinner. No matter where you are eating be it on local roadside food or in fine dining restaurants, you won’t get disappointed.


  1. Street markets are the best if you like different pieces:

With the online shopping websites, almost everything is under our reach now but if you like to have unique pieces be it in jewellery or the show-pieces you can have it here in Bangalore. The street shops at MG road and Brigade road are very colourful and attractive; no one can simply resist these shops.


  1. Take a break and just relax:

The garden city has a lot to offer to its tourists, so if you are here to relax and chill you must visit the spa which will actually rejuvenate your soul giving you the mental peace you need in your life. The Spas are amazing in Bangalore and they give the best services to all its customers.


When it comes to solo travelling, choosing a safe to stay comfortable is important, hence for your comfort you can stay in the Service apartment Bangalore where you get to live in a gated society with all the comforts you get at home.